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Who is our client?

Century Downs is southern Alberta’s premiere destination for horse racing fans and boasts a casino, restaurant, and lounge for a complete guest experience. It is an impressive facility with multiple touchpoints for branding and messaging, both indoors and out.

What we do for them:

We put large format print to work as flags, banners, and posters. In our client’s words, “Print remains that direct point of contact with the guest… you can do a lot online and digital, but print reinforces – it lives in the moment, solidifies and crystallizes it, makes it all come full circle, and makes it real.”

The difference that print makes:

There’s a team behind this scale and scope of work and it comes down to customer service, especially if our client needs help in the process: “When you are legitimately in a pickle… they always go out of their way to come to the table to make it work.” They added: “Any company could do this, but they choose to do it…” That’s what makes the difference and you can bet on it.