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Over 38 years ago, B.J. Chandler, founded our company starting a strong desire to succeed, a old rebuilt AB Dick 360 printing press, and a used cutter.

Mountain View’s first press and basement office.

Mountain View Printing & Graphics Ltd. has grown from a 550sq ft basement print shop into an 18,000 sq ft facility that serves thousands of local customers through out Calgary, Alberta, and Canada.

Almost 40 years and 120,000 hours later. MVP in 2023.

The Mountain View Printing team celebrates B.J.’s 120,000+ hours of entrepreneurship, tenacity, and persistence as he embarks upon a much deserved retirement. B.J. is a testament to what a heart of gold, hard work, and focus on ones craft can bring about.

Congratulations on 50 years of dedication to the print industry. From humble beginnings to an Alberta businessman employing and training the next generation of printers.

B.J. Chandler – Founder of Mountain View Printing (Happy Retirement!)