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Who is our client?

Birth of a Woman Magazine is a newly born Canadian women’s alternative-esoteric-health magazine, a passionate creation from Tracy Loeppky, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. This high-quality magazine launched in February 2020 with stunning photography and illustration.

What we do for them:

We are the perfect complement as a craft printer, in the client’s words, ensuring Tracy attains “a high-quality product.” Our state-of-the-art digital press department reproduces fine photography and creative illustration with high-definition detail, colour fidelity, and vibrancy.

The difference that print makes:

We are told that we provide “ease and comfort, two qualities that are hard to come by.” It is challenging enough to produce and publish a magazine today, so finding a printer that cares makes all the difference. That care translates into a real gift you can hold in your hands when printed.