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Who is our client?

We work with Decibel Cannabis Company, the parent of a local retail brand (Prairie Records), where cannabis and creativity meet. We applaud the brilliant pairing of music, expressed in product playlists, and art, expressed on album covers, that offers a new retail ritual, a rich experience for consumers.

What we do for them:

The vinyl LP album cover, that iconic canvas, a foot square, has been redefined as an engaging and tactile retail experience. We have the privilege of printing these unique artistic expressions that get swapped for new themes, every month, in addition to framed posters, tent cards, and other POS pieces. In our client’s words, we “support them making that transition every month… and never had any problems.”

The difference that print makes:

We helped our client fulfill a key element of their brand, to create a tangible experience from all the senses, “that nostalgic experience that cannot be replaced with a digital interface.” Our client said they are, “appreciative and grateful” for our friendly persistence, our relentless pursuit of quality, and for meeting their needs in a timely fashion. It has been a pleasure to spin their records on our presses!