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Who is our client?

Colouring It Forward presents native Canadian art by indigenous artists, in a unique colouring book format, to tell the other side of the story of indigenous people — of hope and of a different future, a gathering place for people to share their own stories and their art, and to build a community.

What we do for them:

We print their books, but in our client’s words, “they are not just colouring books, or a game or activity, they are intended to share the ancestral knowledge. So the books have a higher spiritual and emotional value than a regular book.” We offer competitive pricing for larger volumes while printing and fulfilling orders in smaller quantities supporting a smaller, local publisher.

The difference that print makes:

Our client says it all: “Ethics are very important to me and they do business that way, giving back to the community. I’m a social enterprise, likewise, I give back and so every dollar saved can help another.” Sometimes, the real difference that print makes is how the printer serves its customers.