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Who is our client?

Mantl Canada Inc. is a fiercely independent local oilfield equipment manufacturing and service company with the kind of drive that built Alberta’s oil and gas industry. They’re also boldly transparent about the importance of their core values. We love the first one: “GIVE A S#!T”. And their whole team does.

What we do for them:

We print their business cards, binder technical catalogs, and the internal banners that hang in their shops, displaying core value and safety messages. The binders are valued because they’re practical and “just tactile… some people don’t like reading on a portable device or screen… having both options covers your bases.”

The difference that print makes:

The internal banners are essential, in our client’s words, “You can’t live it unless you can refer to it and see it… we double-down on that message.” Those banners carry their brand voice into the shop and keep it always present with consistent messaging so everybody knows what the company is trying to do. Values do drive value and we’re happy to help put it in print, ‘CAUSE WE GIVE A S#!T (TOO).