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Unleash the power of print with creative direct mail campaigns that get results.

Over the past 30 years, Mountain View Printing has developed a unique and bespoke process for our direct mail marketing services.

At it’s most basic, a direct mail campaign requires:

  1. Designed & printed communications collateral.
  2. A basic or custom designed envelope to hold the collateral.
  3. The area you want to send direct mail to.

To have a successful direct mail campaign, there is A LOT more involved. For example:

  • Is the envelope designed and printed to be opened (or will it get thrown out)?
  • Is the printed communication within the envelope idea to bring about the result you want?
  • Are you sending it to the right audience (and the correct locations)?

Mountain View can handle any type of direct mail or marketing campaign, including planning, design, printing, and the strategic art of sending.

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Example Direct Mail Projects

Here are some great projects for local Alberta businesses that we've worked to design, print, and launch.

Common Questions about Direct Mail Campaigns

Here are the frequently asked questions we see all the time when doing communication and promotion over postal mail.

Sending direct mail for communications and promotion have 3-key components to creating an estimate for. First is the cost of printing, second is the cost of mail/delivery, and third is the cost of designing the print collateral (unless you already have a design).

The cost of direct mail printing is calculated based upon the type of paper, the size of the collateral, and quantity of prints needed. Typically the more you print the cost-per-unit will drop – so it is recommended to work with your printer to determine the ‘sweet spot’ for quantity versus cost.

Next, the cost of sending the direct mail depends upon the service you use. Mountain View has a long standing and strong relationship directly with Canada Post, but there are also small regional/local companies who can also be utilized depending on where you are mailing. The cost of sending the direct mail is based upon how many postal codes or areas you are sending to. (The size of what you are sending will also have an impact.)

Finally if you produce your own collateral, it will reduce costs. MVP recommends working with a team (like us) who is experienced in direct mail – there are a lot of tricks to ensure that your communications and marketing get opened and looked at.

There are two ways to set a direct mail marketing target. First there are mail campaigns where your communication reaches every home in a region or area. Second are campaigns that apply geographic, demographic and lifestyle to select specific postal codes your communication will reach. Finally there is personalized mail which use your list or a purchased list to market direct to person.

Each type of direct mail marketing gets more expensive than the previous (the more targeted, the more it costs).

Contact us if you’d like to talk more about direct mail targeting.

Depending on the service you use, this answer can change. The primary direct mail service is Canada Post.  Canada post has rules that control the thickness, size, and weight of direct mail. See the graphic below.

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